Exam stress

Year on year the reported number of students experiencing stress and anxiety increases. Is it any wonder?


Pressure by schools and teachers to continually out perform the previous year can take its toll on students of all ages. The worries and concerns of students about exam results, university places and job prospects is enough to make a grown man cry!!


It is not uncommon for students to experience anxiety and stress related illnesses as well as panic attacks. Sometimes these states of anxiety can be so severe that the person can actually believe that there is something seriously wrong with them, even though it is stress related. The mind/body reaction to stress can be severe and if left untreated can lead to delusions and even psychotic episodes.


If you have any concerns as to your mental health, the first person you should see is your GP.


I have successfully worked with a few teenagers now and helped them manage their own stress levels and prepare for their GSCE's and AS Levels, I am pleased to report that their exam results were better than expected and on the day of the exam, they actually said that they felt calmer and more prepared.


Learn how to manage your own stress levels and how to adequately prepare for those exams. 


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